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One of the characteristics of vinyl wallcovering is that it has little or no moisture permeability. This characteristic can be an important benefit in terms of durability, cleanability and wall protection. If the design, construction or maintenance of a building allows liquid or vapor moisture to accumulate in a wall or wall cavity, vinyl wallcovering can act as a vapor barrier restricting the escape of moisture and increasing the risk of mold growth. In all cases, moisture and sources of moisture accumulation must be eliminated before installing any wallsurfacing material. Vinyl wallcovering does contain additives to resist mold and other microbial growth on the product itself but these additives will not prevent mold growth.

Vinyl wallcovering permeability can be increased through perforation/microventing, when installed with permeable wall covering primer and adhesive. The Arc|Com Wall Surfaces Design Portfolio can be Perforated/Micro-Vented and is available on a custom order basis, 30 yard minimum quantity per color, at an additional cost.

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