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Managing Bacteria of Soft Surfaces

Infection control experts globally agree that cleaner hospitals are safer hospitals.

While hand washing and hard surface disinfection practices have contributed to a reduction in infection rates, they rely on compliance to be effective and do not address the total healthcare environment. Soft surfaces such as privacy curtains are a proven source of bacterial cross-contamination. They are a proven cause of infection outbreaks yet are overlooked as an infection reduction opportunity.

Soft surfaces such as bedding, privacy curtains and hospital gowns cover 90% of the patient contact environment and a significant percentage of the hospital room interior surface area.

Soft surfaces are virtually ignored in today’s infection prevention practices and laundering does not solve the problem, as shown by a recent study conducted by researchers from the University College in London.

The Goal

  • To reduce environmental contamination on the textile material and the risk of cross-contamination to humans.
  • The right solution will require no behavior modification or training.
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