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Options is an extension of the Arc-Com Design Studio. We are dedicated to the creation of custom textile products for every market: hospitality, healthcare, corporate, education, cruise ships/IMO, retail and residential.

Our Options design professionals understand color and end use requirements. We have a thorough technical knowledge of fibers, finishes and fabric construction.

We will assist you in creating or modifying textiles to increase durability, enhance fire resistance, improve stain repellency, or value engineer fabrics that meet or exceed industry standards.

Working within design schemes, specifications and budgets, the Options team of experienced project managers can provide any of the following comprehensive textile solutions and more.

  • Develop custom colors of running line patterns
  • We can develop and produce original design concepts you would like to create.
  • Transform an original fabric into another end use.
  • Develop a custom print onto vinyl or a variety of woven base cloths.
  • Options can translate a running line item to increase or decrease the scale to suit your needs
  • Options offers an extensive range of stocked alternatives that extend well beyond the Arc-Com line.


Drapery fabrics in the offering include semi-opaque and opaque in a wide variety of colors and constructions including velvets and jacquards. Most are either inherently flame resistant or can be treated to pass NFPA 701.

Drapery Sheers

We can provide a wide range of sheers including solids, textures, stripes and very decorative designs. We can manufacture items to suit your budgetary needs from value-oriented plains to embellished looks.

Faux Leather

We can provide vinyls and polyurethanes in a wide range of patterns and embossments that are not in our running line. The durability and cleanability of these fabrics make them a great choice when designing for healthcare and hospitality.

Digital Prints – Coated Fabrics

  • (u)phoria!™ printed vinyl featuring MorCare™ high performance finish, meets the increased demands of healthcare, contract and institutional use. With 500,000 double rubs, enhanced bleach clean ability and mildew / bacteria (Staph) resistance, (u)phoria!™ is a great solution for high traffic areas.
  • Options can provide digital prints on polyurethane base cloths for upholstery.

Digital Prints – Wovens

We can provide an extensive range of woven polyester base cloth options to digitally print on for drapery, panel, bedding and upholstery end use.


Multi-use fabrics allow the designer flexibility in using these patterns and color schemes for more than one application. This capability allows us to offer our clients fabrics that are suitable for upholstery bedding or drapery.


Existing Arc-Com products can be modified in a variety of ways:

  • Adjust the scale to be smaller or larger
  • Develop a custom color of a running line pattern.
  • The fiber content and construction can be modified for another end use or to create a value engineered quality.

Privacy Curtains

  • X-Static is the most effective and safest soft surface antimicrobial solution available today. Now any Arc-Com or custom cubicle design may be engineered to incorporate X-Static silver metallic yarn.
  • Options can also take out the X-Static yarns in any existing running line pattern if a client prefers this.
  • We can also design and develop a completely new pattern for this end use.


Graphics and logos can be added to a wide range of materials that include woven or printed goods. Customizing a fabric or vinyl with your own insignia, is a great option for universities, institutions and corporations to market their brand.